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Greetings 109ers,

I hope this ride announcement finds all of you well and enjoying the start of your summer. I know the summer months can get extremely busy so I would like to thank all of you for your continued support. As is stands, our original date for this month’s ride landed on the weekend of Father’s Day. As to not interfere with any potential Father’s Day weekend plans, I asked for an email vote on moving the ride to the following weekend, June 27. First, I would like to thank all of you who voted as this is your chapter. Here is how the vote turned out. 10-yes votes,
3-either weekend is good votes and 2-NO votes, therefor the ride has been moved to June 27th.

Like last month, this is going to be a full day! The milage for this ride will be 300 miles. We will have breakfast at Burger Town USA. If you plan one eating there, please arrive early enough to complete your meal by 8:30 as that is when the meeting will start. KSU will be promptly at 9:00 AM. Our first fuel stop is about 80 miles out in Moorpark, CA. From there we will ride to Santa Barbara via the back roads. You’re going to love the aroma as we ride through the strawberry fields. I kid you not, it such a sweet smell that it reminded me of cotton candy! Our final destination will be the pier in Santa Barbara where we will spend a couple of hours. I have made arrangements for us to use a pay-lot to park. We have been approved to put four bikes into one stall at a cost on $1.00 per bike. Please have a single dollar bill available to “plug the machine”. The cost is $2.00 an hour so we will be covered for two hours. FYI: I have made an “executive decision; there our four free motorcycle stalls that will fit six bikes. These will be used by members of the ride crew (Vinnie, Ron, Carl, Art, Dan). There are two seafood restaurants and the pier itself all within walking distance.

We will be taking the same route home to avoid the 101freeway and again stopping in Moorpark for our gas stop. This is a great ride but unfortunately we are predicting that once we merge onto the 210 in Pasadena it will become a “crawl”
I know it’s not the best way to end a ride but please just be patient and keep in mind all the beauty and sweet smelling strawberry patches we just rode through.
One note, when we are “crawling” in the carpool lane on the 210, if you’re riding in the right track of the lane please be aware of other bikes lane sharing and wanting to get past us. Please move over and let them pass.
We will meeting at Burger Town USA.  It is located at 760 N. Archibald Ave Ontario, CA 91764 (909) 944-790, (Just North of the 10 freeway on the East side of Archibald). We will be meeting at 8:00 AM and kick stands up at 9:00 AM.

"Let's Ride"
Mark Madden - President
Inland Empire Chapter 109
California's Oldest Chapter

Sponsored by:
Yamaha of Cucamonga

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